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Ride Market Analysis

$3,000 - $5,000

Project size

2 Months

Project Length




Ride was an early-stage dockless scooter startup that had operations in multiple cities in Australia. The company was growing quickly domestically and wanted to expand internationally before positioning itself to become an acquisition target. 

Ride's investment team contracted us to find 25 markets suitable for expansion. Our research report ranked markets based upon its regulatory environment and its ability to support another dockess scooter provider.  

Our team completed the project on-time and on budget. We also recommended that our client increase investment towards operations and create a robust loyalty rewards system. Dockless scooters were becoming a commoditized product in many geographies. To remain an attractive acquisition target, our client needed to keep scooter utilization rates high and continue decreasing operation costs. Our client would eventually sell the venture the following year. 

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