We are an upstart joint venture focused on creating exceptional products for our start-up and SME clients. We are partnered with CreateThrive, a leading developer in Montevideo, Uruguay, and together we are able to create tremendous value for our clients combining world-class product design, UI design, and business development with robust, scalable backend capabilities.


We are more than a team of full-stack developers. Our ranks include a computer science professor, a Wall Street banker, graphic design artists, entrepreneurs, and of course... developers. Our diverse background and emphasis on the design thinking and agile methodology enable us to build thoughtful solutions that meet your business needs while creating an exceptional experience for your users. 



Idea and Estimate


Gaining a holistic understanding of your organization's product or service is the foundation of our process. After understanding your requirements we will prepare documentation that formally establishes goals, estimates, and milestones.



Our UX/UI designers will go through an iterative process that involves storyboarding, user and competitor research, wireframing, and high-fidelity prototypes. We work closely with the product owner to design an unparalleled user experience for your application.



After the completion of the development process, we will submit your app to the Apple and/or Google store. For enterprise solutions, our technical team will implement the solution with your current systems and processes. 



Marathon Labs strives to be your long term technology partner. We will continue to update, maintain, and test your product into the future. Each client is different, and our maintenance strategy is designed to meet your specific needs.



We leverage the agile development methodology to build products. The entire development process is managed with the final deliverable in mind by phasing the build into a series of user stories and sprints.   

Quality Assurance


Using the agile development methodology allows us to continuously test the product during the build process. Through this approach, we write reliable and high-quality code.